If she knew what she wants

Confession:  my new favorite show on tv is “Dancing With The Stars.”

When you’re done laughing, I’ll tell you why.

I love to dance.  It makes me feel alive, I get exercise and it’s tons of fun!  Several weeks ago, I took a free swing dance lesson at the Newark Museum (in celebration of their 100th anniversary).  I’ve always wanted to learn how to swing dance, so when I found out how quickly I picked up on it, I have been dying to find a good dance studio to start learning.   And not just swing dancing, I want to learn all kinds of ballroom dancing.  I once confessed to someone that I’d love to learn how to tap dance.  He laughed at me and for the most part, that’s the reason why I’ve never even considered taking a dance class before.   

Anyway, dancing doesn’t come naturally for a lot of people.  And even if it does, it still takes practice, skill and a lot of hard work to do it right and do it well.   So, teaching so-called stars how to dance is something I can truly appreciate.   But watching them do it?  Meh, I actually couldn’t care less, which is why I didn’t even bother watching the first 7 seasons.

But on their season premier 11 weeks ago, out of sheer curiosity, I watched this show and was instantly hooked!  They took 13 “celebrities” totally out of their comfort zones and into the ballroom and it was mesmerizing to watch! 

I loved watching these awkward, graceless, rhythmically challenged “stars” put so much effort into dancing.  I watched them struggle through the salsa, the pasa doble, the jive and the quick step (to name a few).  And week after week, my heart went out to them as they rose to each challenge.

Last night was the season finale.  They had three “stars” in the finals.  I won’t bother to tell you who the other two were because you won’t know who they are, hence the quotation marks.   But the winner was Shawn Johnson, a 17-year old gymnast and medalist from the 2008 Beijing Olympics.  She’s a gymnast, folks.  They’re trained not to show emotion.   They’re extremely focused, slightly uptight creatures and despite their “floor routines”, they are completely lacking in grace and fluidity (well, some more than others). 

But her focus allowed her to learn faster than the others, so that her technique was always flawless.   She went from a tumbling, flipping mass of energy to a sophisticated, mature little dancing queen!  And if she can do it, so can I!!  THAT is what I love about the show.  They took people with little to no dancing experience at all and transformed them into dancing pro’s!  Well, nearly pro.   And each one of them looked like they had so much fun during the whole process!

That and I LOVE the outfits!  I have yet to see a professional dancer who didn’t have fantastic legs and cleavage!

The video below is the dance that won the championship for Shawn.  It’s the cha-cha-cha and its danced to one of my all-time favorite Michael Jackon songs.  This is why I voted for Shawn.  I don’t think I’ve enjoyed television this much in so long!  I was so very happy she won last night, cause she deserved it. 

Problem now is, with the season finale, I no longer have anything to watch on Mondays.  And I just found out that another one of my favorite shows on tv was cancelled, “Life.”  I am seriously considering giving up TV altogether.


~ by Binibining Beth on May 20, 2009.

4 Responses to “If she knew what she wants”

  1. *sucks breath in sharply* NO!! They did NOT cancel Life. Say it’s not soooooo. *mourning* That was one of my hidden pleasures. I totally ♥’ed the main actor. Gah! That’s terrible news.

  2. I just watched the video — have to say, I’ve not seen someone take so many tiny, itty bitty steps since I watched my nephew learn to walk!

  3. Jammie J – “hidden pleasures”? Why hidden? It’s a great show! Although I wasn’t too thrilled with the season/series finale. But I am sure going to miss it. There was a time when Life was playing back to back with my other favorite show that got cancelled, “Pushing Daisies” and that day was the best 2 hours of television ever and stupid networks destroyed everything for me! Bastards!!

    Wow….a rant this early before my morning coffee?? That’s rare.

    Oh and yeah, Damian Lewis is hot! He was amazing in “Band of Brothers.” I suggest you watch it if you need a Damian Lewis fix.

  4. You TOTALLY should take dance lessons! It ROCKS!!!! And, I’ve always wanted to learn ballroom dancing, and I do tap dance, so meh to that guy. Its super fun, great exercise and you look hot in tap shoes. Piss on him. Use some of your bonus and GO TAKE LESSONS!!! BTW, CONGRATS ON YOUR BONUS!!!!

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