He sang. He danced. He stole my heart.

In front of a sold out show at Radio City Music Hall, Jason Mraz unabashedly stole my heart on Friday! With his seductive dancing around barefoot on stage and his incredible voice singing songs of love and hope and friendship and sex, he won me and my sister, Meg, over.

Granted, I was already in-love with him before the show, but last night’s concert sealed it for me. I’m going to have to revise my to-do list.

I scored tickets maybe 2 months ago, back when I thought the show was already sold out. But thanks to my connections (I ♥ American Express!), I managed to get two of the possibly last tickets being sold. Since the show was too close to my sister’s birthday, I couldn’t very well go to a show that I know will be amazing and not bring her along, even though she claims to know only one Jason Mraz song.

So, Meg and I met up in the city, had a nice dinner before the show and headed towards the Music Hall. We found out that our seats were the very last row at the topmost level of the tallest tower, I think we passed Quasimodo. Kidding, they have no towers. But it might as well have been, that’s how high up we were. Then again, we could hear everything perfectly, so it wasn’t a total loss that we couldn’t see the performers that well.

The opening act was this quirky, cute little lady called Lisa Hannigan. I enjoyed her music, it had some blues mixed in with some folk, some Bob Dylan and a little bit of Feist. When she announced that she was doing her last song, the crowd cheered very loudly, which I thought was so rude. But we were surrounded by hundreds of drunk chicks, so I couldn’t expect much from them.

Jason opened up his show with what I like to describe as an electrifying rendition of “Make It Mine” (click on orange titles to see video). I mean, it got people to start dancing and singing instantaneously, like their seats were suddenly electrified. It was a great start to the show.

I recorded some of it with my little digital camera, but most, if not all of the videos are very shaky because I was dancing to most of them, so I apologize in advance.  If you listen carefully, you might even hear me singing!  In fact, in the middle of my all-time favorite Jason Mraz song, “You And I,” I had to hand over the camera to my sister because all you can hear is me. 

He ended the show with “I’m Yours.” But he did a little improvising at the end of the song and got the audience to repeat everything he did. And in the middle of us repeating him, he went right into Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds,” which was so awesome!! A perfect end to the show.

But of course it didn’t really end there. After a few minutes of loud cheering done by yours truly, Jason finally heard me from way up top, came back onto the stage with Lisa Hannigan and they sang the lovely duet “Lucky.”  If you ask me, Ms Hannigan did a way better job of singing that song that Colbie Cailat did. 

He made several guitar changes during the show, but at the encore, he put down his guitar, picked up a tambourine and started singing, “Build Me Up (Buttercup).” The crowd went nuts! Everybody, and I mean everybody inside the hall was singing and dancing! That was the shakiest video recording ever made in history.

I love that he got everyone to sing. I love that he is an awesome salsa dancer. I love that he’s fond of hats and downward facing dog. I love that he sang “Oh Happy Day” with a small choir. I love that he is a proud Obama supporter. When he sang “Live High” they showed a picture of Barack Obama on the large screen and the crowd loved it! Add that to my long list of things I love about Jason Mraz.

As one very drunk lady in front of us exclaimed, “I had zhe best thime of me life!”  I couldn’t have said it better myself.


~ by Binibining Beth on October 12, 2008.

5 Responses to “He sang. He danced. He stole my heart.”

  1. Love Lisa Hannigan, I am very fond of her work with Damien Rice.

  2. it is reDONKulous how much i love that skinny white boy. i’m so glad you got to see him live, it’s just the best ever.

  3. What rude bitches to boo at Lisa Hannigan. Jason hand-picked her to open for him because he was a fan and he should have acknowledged their rudeness and brought her out to sing with him.

  4. I don’t like that Make You Mine song. I don’t actually know it, but it often gets confused for the name of the coolest blog ever.

  5. I was going to tease you for falling in love with a dude who dances around barefoot, but he actually seems pretty decent. You have my permission. 🙂

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