Zaijian Phelps!

Anyone else as tired as I am of hearing Phelps this and Phelps that? Seriously. Everyone and MY Mother knows what he eats for breakfast! Who the hell cares?? In the meantime, you try to talk to someone about the war in Georgia and they’ll ask, what’s going on down south?

Sure I was just as ecstatic as everyone was when I saw Lezak make that impossible dash to beat the French by the tiniest fraction of a second. I couldn’t believe I watched Lezak make that comeback. You don’t usually see that kind of thing in swimming, where someone sort of sprints to the finish. But Lezak did it!

And yet, the first few comments made about Lezak’s feat was, Lezak has kept Phelps’ hopes alive for winning 8 gold medals.

You mean, out of the possible FOURTEEN gold medals he could have by the end of this Olympics, he actually could’ve lost one of them? Oh my God!! What in the world are we to do??  Someone, quick, hold my hand I think I’m going to faint!


Never mind that Phelps was the first man in that four-man relay and even the great Phelps was behind the French. 

Oh I’m sure he’s earned all the attention and the title of being the greatest Olympian evar. And I’m sure, a few years from now I’ll appreciate the fact that I watched history happen. But not today. Far as I’m concerned, Phelps could compete in every men’s sport and win all the gold medals, I’m done watching this dude, rippling muscles and all.


~ by Binibining Beth on August 13, 2008.

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