It’s so damn hot. Milk was a bad choice.

I’m back from vacation!  Well, I’ve been back for a couple of days now, I just haven’t gotten around to blogging about my trip.  Why?  Well, I’ve been trying to figure out how it’s possible that someone could get bronchitis from Denver, what with all their clean, Rocky mountain air and all the supposedly therapeutic hot springs.  Okay, maybe not bronchitis, but it’s a terrible cough/cold nevertheless.   My ex-boyfriend informs me that it might be a tumor. 

Each time I cough it feels like someone’s pinching the back of my head.  I haven’t had a decent night’s sleep since I got back because of the nasty coughing fits I get in the middle of the night.  I’ve missed a couple of days of work last week because of it and while that’s not a crying shame, I would’ve liked to have done something more fun on those days off than coughing out my lungs. 

But anyway, my trip to Denver was very nice.  If you haven’t clicked on my sidebar to see the pics, here’s your chance.  I got to see a Rockies game, which was a lot of fun.  They played against the Brewers, who were kicking ass in the first 6 innings of the game.  When the Rockies were down 4 to 1, Bill and I decided it’s time to leave and meet up with his friends at a bar nearby.  By the time we got to the bar, the Rockies miraculously pulled a 6-4 win!  I hate missing come-from-behind games like that! 

We met up with Bill’s friends, had a few drinks and eventually went home. 

The following day, Bill and I drove west to Glenwood Springs and took a long, lovely dip in natural hot springs.  It was fantastic!  It was better than a spa.  Well, except for the fact that there were a bunch of annoying little boys ages 14-16 who insisted on playing Marco Polo loudly.  Oh, if only they knew that being immature like that would keep them from losing their virginity for another year or so. 

On Sunday, we had lunch in Vail and headed to a town called Canon City where they have the Royal Gorge, which has the world’s highest suspension bridge.  Built in 1929, the bridge is a marvel in gravity-defiance.  We parked the car at one end of the brigde and decided to walk across its quarter-mile length of uneven wooden planks.  I cannot stress how uneven these planks are.  At certain points, the gap in between the wooden planks were so big that you could look down and clearly see the roaring Arkansas river 1,500 feet below. 

Have I mentioned that I’m afraid of heights?  Oh yes.  It’s a mild fear, compared to other fears I run away from.  But it was a windy day that day and every time a car drove past us, the bridge shook, making my knees weaker and weaker by the minute.  I dared a couple of times to walk to the side of the bridge, hold on for dear life and look down.  When we made it across, I wanted to start praying my thanks to every god there is out there when I realized that we still have to walk back! 

We walked around for a bit, saw some jackasses and bighorns, not to mention some burros and rams (wink wink).  Then we started the long walk back across the bridge.  This time, I decided to walk in the middle of the bridge and tried not to look down.  Having nothing else to hold on to, I put a kung-fu grip on my camera and held my breath the rest of the way.  Bill tried to keep my mind occupied by talking about something meaningful or was it something trivial?  I don’t know, I forget.  But cross that bridge, I did and face my fear, I conquered, so booyah!

The rest of my trip in Denver was relatively quiet, spent watching movies and some of our favorite epsiodes of “The Office.”  My flight from Denver to Newark was uneventful, except for meeting the most talented flight attendant ever.  He had such a lovely singing voice and had such a knack for singing about anything and nothing at all.  He asked me if I wanted anything to drink, and I said I just wanted him to sing, so sing he did and I fell right to sleep.   I woke up to find myself in Newark, schweating in my fleece sweater that I had bought in Vail to keep me warm.  Apparently, I had just missed the year’s first heat-wave in the tri-state area.  Lucky me.

It’s still pretty hot, but the temperature doesn’t read three digits anymore, so thank God for small favors, I suppose.  I have a pretty busy week ahead of me and the last thing I need is to be hot and bothered and coughing and heavily medicated.  Hmmmm….Nyquil.


~ by Binibining Beth on June 15, 2008.

2 Responses to “It’s so damn hot. Milk was a bad choice.”

  1. Wow… a singing flight attendant. What airline did YOU fly?

    Ohhh, you probably got your bronchitis from the airplane ride. Dirty germ bottles. Ugh! Feel better. xoxo

  2. Glad you had fun, sorry about the bug, nice pictures.

    Answer your emails!

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