May Day 29

Today was a really good day.  Well, except for the fact that my left ring finger feels like I bumped it really hard into something, and the fact that I ran into a glass door at lunchtime and was laughed at by little brats, and the fact that I’ve been searching for good dark-wash jeans for several days now to no avail.  Yeah, other than those things, it was a good day. 

We had clear, bright blue skies, low humidity, a slight breeze here and there, with temperatures going up to 80 degrees only.  And we had that kind of weather all week-long. 

Around 3pm today, we had to turn off our computers for a server upgrade, leaving us with no work to do, so my boss very generously let us out early, treating a couple of us to a round of beer at our favorite watering hole.  Free beer is the best kind of beer there is. 

I gave up soda this week.  I’ve been soda-free for three whole days.  Been drinking gallons of water ever since and peeing like a race horse soon afterwards. 

A friend remarked on the fact that it doesn’t seem to bother me to be talking about Hawai’i.  I suppose she had expected me to loathe the thought of Hawai’i because of the breakup.  Hawai’i was heaven on earth and no ex-boyfriend can ruin that for me. 

So I had thoughts of Hawai’i for the rest of the day and it made me feel great. 

Yeah, today was a really good day.


~ by Binibining Beth on May 30, 2008.

One Response to “May Day 29”

  1. You’ll have to tell me what you think of the new SATC movie if you see it.

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