May Day 26

Was standing in line at the local Target, when a mother-daughter tag team walked up behind me.   The daughter must’ve consumed enough sugar to cover Rhode Island because she prattled on and on and on about all the tv shows she watched in one freakin’ day! 

But then she started humming a tune that sounded familiar.

“Hey Mom, hey Mom!  What’s that show that goes with this song?”

“Which one you talking about?

“You know!  You take the good, you take the bad, you something something, something something, the something of life?”


“You know!  The one with the girl named Tootie?”

“Oh, I think I know….something the Truth of Life?”

“No.  That’s not it.”

“The Truth of Living?”

“No!  Listen to the song, Mom!”

So she sang it again, got almost all the words right until “the something of life.”

Two minutes!  Two whole minutes this went on behind me and I wondered what I ever did wrong to deserve this.  When the daughter went into her third attempt to sing the song, I lost it and said, “Surely, you can’t be serious!  The show’s called the Facts of Life!”

Daughter squeeled and said, “That’s it!  You got it!  And don’t call me Shirley!”


I have been waiting ALL my life to make that comeback and this little spaz tricked me with it.  I feel sick. 


~ by Binibining Beth on May 27, 2008.

One Response to “May Day 26”

  1. See? Here I am again!

    I can’t believe you waited 2 minutes before putting them out of their misery. I would have said it after the first hmm just to shut them up.

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