May Day 18

It’s been a very long time since I went to a music store and actually picked up a CD and then paid for it.  I’ve gotten used to downloading my music from a source I will not disclose, lest I get into any trouble with the law.  So, I went to a music store yesterday and I remembered why I stopped doing so. 

It’s so much cheaper to get the music online, I don’t have to deal with store clerks who’ll keep asking you if I need help and when I do need their help, they are completely useless! 

I went in search of the newest Jason Mraz album and when I couldn’t find it under the New Releases section, I asked a store clerk to help me find it.  We went to a nearby “search” station and he tried to do a search by artist.  I had to tell him how to spell Mraz three frickin’ times!  Granted it’s not an easy name to pronounce, but if I’m standing right next to you, slowly spelling out a four-letter name (in English, mind you), wouldn’t you get it right the first time??

He eventually found it in their inventory and we walked on over to where it was supposed to be, and surprise surprise, it’s not there!  So we walked back to the search machine thingy and he entered a few more things and asked me to spell Mraz one last frickin time.   Lo and behold, they have it under New Release – Sale

So, he handed it to me, walked me over to the cash register and then asked me, “Will that be it all, then?”

“Uh no, actually, I wanted to do some more shopping, but thought I’d walk on over to the cash register and just say hi to you.  Is that alright?”

No, I didn’t actually say that, I’m not that mean…or that quick to come up with it.

Anyway, he scanned my cd, then proceeded to tell me about the specials they have and asked me if I would be interested in opening an account with them.  I said no.  And he asked, are you sure?  I said, pretty damn sure.  And he showed me the latest entertainment magazine and told me I’d have free issues sent to my house just for being so special (and for actually buying something in their store).  I was tempted but no.

So, he completed the sale, I got my change back and just as he was handing me my cd in a bag, he told me about all the other stuff the store sells and buys.  I thanked him for telling me and that I will certainly keep it in mind the next time I have 30 precious minutes of my life to waste.

I was annoyed to find that instead of taking only 3 minutes to buy one cd, it took about 30.  I got into my car, popped in the cd and suddenly all is forgiven.  I love the new album!  There are a couple of songs I don’t quite like (“Butterfly” and “Coyotes”) because they don’t seem to strike me to be in the same sexy lilt that he is famous for.  But the album is well worth the retail price just for “I’m Yours.”  I just know this is going to be my song for the summer. 


~ by Binibining Beth on May 18, 2008.

3 Responses to “May Day 18”

  1. girl.

    listen to the words of butterfly, it’s all sex.

    and it’s hawt.

    when he comes to a ‘town near you’

    go. just go.

    and thank me later.

  2. I like ‘Love For A Child’ — unfortunately that’s probably going to generate a lot of unwanted hits on your SiteMeter.

  3. Miraz. Mooraz. Meeraz. Mraz… Rhymes with azz…:)

    He has nothing on the lyrical genius that is Mary J. Blige…

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