May Day 8

It seems, in my self-absorption these past few weeks, that I have missed out on some big events going on in some of my friends’ lives.

Like my friend, Bill, who has left his job for something more lucrative where he can show up at work wearing shorts (?).  Those were the words he used in the email I received from him last week and I have not yet been able to call him up to ask what the hell he meant by that.  But I like to guess what it is.  He’s now a lifeguard!  But no, he lives in Denver and I can only assume a lifeguard there would be as useful as a swimsuit salesman in Alaska. 

Then there’s my best and intrepid friend Nina, who saw an opportunity of a lifetime and took it.  She hopped on a plane last weekend and found herself in fun and exciting Omaha, Nebraska.  The following day, she observed a shareholder’s meeting, along with 31,000 hopefuls.  Several hours later (and through several security checkpoints), she was able to shake the hands of Warren Buffett (yes, THE Warren Buffett) and express her views on an issue Mr. Buffett discussed at the meeting.  She had asked me to join her, but, at the time, I had been saving my vacation days for long trips to the South, so I refused.  Silly me.

Lastly, my dearest and oldest friend, Norie, just told me that she’s engaged!  She could’ve knocked me over with a feather because they were together for a few months, then broke up, then got back together again, and by my birthday party in December, they were broken up again, for good this time, she said.  And now, five months later, they’re engaged!  Apparently, they took a trip to Jamaica and that’s where he proposed!  Gad, I’m ecstatic for her, positively beside myself with joy!  I do hope they’ll have the wedding in New York, but more than likely, they’ll get married in the Philippines where they’ll be able to throw a more lavish wedding at a quarter of the cost.  But I’m so happy for her, I really am.  I just know I’m going to tear up a little bit when she gets married.  I’ve known her since the third grade and we pretty much grew up together.  Even after I left the Philippines, she used to write letters to me, back in the day when email was just a figment of our imaginations and it took nearly 2 weeks for international mail to arrive.  When she got a job in New York, we were reunited and she’s been there for me since. 

Oh, yes, there’s also Gracey-poo, who sent me a lovely postcard from Australia New Zealand.  I love getting postcards!   My favorite ones have been from Paris and Brazil.  Hmm…come to think of it, those two are the only postcards I’ve ever gotten before. 

Anyway, I have to remind myself to tell her that she has inspired me to take a vacation by myself. Nowhere near as drastic as hers, I don’t think I’m brave enough to cross an ocean by myself.  Something local.   But very definitely by myself.  I think. 


~ by Binibining Beth on May 8, 2008.

3 Responses to “May Day 8”

  1. Hmmm, well, you know I went back to my childhood home (Oklahoma) by myself. One of the best things I ever did for myself. I highly recommend it. 🙂

  2. Let me guess, Bill got a job at Google

  3. I didn’t do anything exciting… but ask me in August when I go to friggin’ VEGAS! Except I’d probably say nothing because “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” Unless Warren somehow lands himself in prison in which case I’ll probably have to call you for bail money. The dumb butt… 🙂

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