Auf wiedersehen, 2007!

Never mind that I’m a little late in recapping the year, never mind that there are about a dozen other things I’d like to blog about, I always do a year-end review, so let’s just pretend that it’s the first day of the year and y’all don’t remember what my 2007 was like. 

Started out the year in Houston, getting drunk and dizzy with some bloggers.  I tell you whut, there’s no better way to kick off the new year than being in a tittie bar.

Survived my 6th tax season.  You would think that with that much experience it would get easier for me each year, but it’s not.  I’m not at liberty to voice my theories on why that is (since this post is not password-protected), but I think some of you can guess why.

In April, we had a delightful addition to our crazy family – little Mia.  She brings so much joy to so many people, it’s amazing.  Everytime I see her, my Biological Clock ticks even louder.  But then I see how much work there is to take care of this little monkey (she’s at that stage where she can’t sit still for a second and enjoys climbing all over you) and I very gladly return her to her parents and go home enjoying my freedom. 

Spent two weeks in Texas.  Got to see the Alamo, the state Capitol, drank some free beer at Shiner and met the Trashman.  Life was good!  That is, until I got eaten alive by fire ants in the hill country!  Argh!

Celebrated the third anniversary of my blog, which also happens to be the year with the lowest number of posts. 

Got hurt, lost some supposedly-good friends, then got over it.

Enjoyed a hotdog at Coney Island, cheesesteaks at Philly’s best and a Bahama Mama on a cruise to nowhere.

Got into a lawsuit regarding an accident I got into two years ago.   As of last month, it was still in the “discovery phase” so I don’t know how it’s going to turn out.

Read the end of my beloved Harry Potter series.

Saw Optimus Prime and Homer Simpson on the big screen, which, if you know me well, was more thrilling than any movie I saw this year.  But that is not to say that they were the best movies I saw in 2007, not by a long shot.  And on the boob tube, I fell in-love with the show, “Pushing Daisies.” 

Hit a milestone by turning 30.  ‘Nuff said.

Tinyhands and I celebrated our anniversary together.  It seems a bet was made on whether or not we’d make it this long.  Well, I owe Tinyhands $1.  Double or nothing on the second anniversary?  😉

And as if my year wasn’t interesting enough, I ended it by having the most amazing vacation in Hawai’i!

Is that one hell of a year or what??   At the beginning of the year, if someone told me I’d be doing those things, I’d have called them crazy.  Kinda makes me wonder what 2008 has in store for me, but I’d rather not think about it.


~ by Binibining Beth on January 8, 2008.

5 Responses to “Auf wiedersehen, 2007!”

  1. A lawsuit? What the hell for? I thought that’s what insurance is for…
    I’m glad that overall you had a good year 2007, or so it sounded.
    One never knows what the next year holds, here’s to hoping it’s all gonna be good! 🙂

  2. Best of luck in ’08. Let’s hope this year the Yanks get that 27th WS win.

  3. Be grateful we can’t sue you for crappy blog posts in 2007! 😀

  4. Jammie J – yeah, my insurance company’s taking care of it. Elmer vonSchmuck supposedly suffered a lot more than he let on after the accident. I kinda wish that it didn’t go into 2008, but there’s a lot of red tape in the justice system, so all I can do for now is wait.

    Michael – win or lose, I’m sure the Yankees will make it an interesting season. Who knows, maybe you’ll get to root for them in person, no? 🙂

    Grace – hey! Speaking of crappy blog posts, I have to remind myself to visit your blog, now that you’re blogging again. 😛

  5. Seriously, he’s suing you? I could see suing you for the damage to his car since you said it’s your fault , but what? He got whiplash going 2 mph? If you haven’t already, take a defensive driving course and buy the Club – those two things will lower your car insurance.

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