It’s that time of year when good friends are near

Since my birthday fell on a stupid weekday, my family and friends made plans to take me out on Saturday.  First, my family wanted to take me out to a fancy restaurant for dinner, and then my friends will pick me up, blindfold me and take me to a super-secret location.


So, Saturday afternoon, I got dressed up and headed to my big sister’s place first.  I walked into their living room to see pictures of me rolling through their big screen tv.  I thought it was sweet of them to do that for my birthday.  Then I headed towards the dining room to put my coat away, but I saw a ton of delicious food on their dining room table! 

I’m standing there, mouth watering (cause I was starving), wondering if I just got jyped out of a fancy dinner when someone suddenly yelled “Surprise!”   And that’s when I saw the group of people standing beside the table-ful of food! 

It was a surprise party!  For me!

I’ll wait for you to stop “awwww”ing.

They all laughed at my reaction, they all came to hug and kiss me, they all asked if I was genuinely surprised and they all were so proud of themselves.   I, however, was torn between being delightfully shocked and peeved for being duped. How could I have been so clueless!? 

But anyway, just when I thought I had said hello to everyone, I turned around and I saw my little sister, Sammie!  She had driven with Warren all the way from Maryland just for my birthday! 

Several weeks ago, Sammie and I weren’t talking to each other.  We’ve put it behind us already, but I still can’t help feeling bad about it.  So, seeing her there, knowing what it took for them to get there, something in me began to fall apart.  Normally, I loathe crying in front of anyone, but that night, I didn’t care.   Didn’t bother me that people were taking pictures of every little reaction I made or that Nina was following me around videotaping me, I cried….nay, bawled worse than my little 7-month old niece, Mia, could. 

When things got settled, everyone rushed to get some food.  There were oodles of lechon or crispy fried pork, cause nothing says “Many happy returns!” quite like artery-clogging pieces of fat!

They all shared their stories of how my family, my friends and even Tinyhands, conspired to surprise me!  But nothing beats the story of Sam and Warren’s overnight road-trip adventure. 

They left Maryland close to midnight on Friday, making good time on the road.  I think they said that as soon as they crossed the border into New Jersey, they got a flat tire.  AAA put the spare on for them and they hit the road again.  But not long after that, their freakin’ spare got a flat too!  And just when they thought it couldn’t get worse, it started to rain!

Tired and stranded on the turnpike at 2am, they called on my big sister, Meg, to come pick them up.  But Meg didn’t have a spare, so Meg and Mike (her husband) snuck into MY car and got my spare, drove a couple of hours to where Sam and Warren were waiting, put the spare on, and slowly made their way back to Meg and Mike’s place. 

By the time they got back home, Meg had to get the food, clean her house and get ready for the party.  So busy was she that she “failed to observe traffic signal” and got slapped an $85 fine for it. 

See?  That’s why I don’t like surprise parties.  All that trouble just for me?  It’s not worth it.  I’M not worth it!  Although, this was the first time anyone’s ever thrown me a surprise party and I have to say that I enjoyed it a lot!

But my family didn’t stop there.  As if they haven’t done enough for me, they went ahead and got me a Nikon D40!  I put that on my wishlist as a  joke because of how freakin’ expensive it is.  But my family took it seriously and got me what they hope to be a better tool for taking their pictures. 

Is my family awesome or what?!?  Gad, I love this time of the year!


~ by Binibining Beth on December 11, 2007.

8 Responses to “It’s that time of year when good friends are near”

  1. Wow, just… that’s so awesome.

    I don’t think I could handle a surprise party. I’d be too freaked out to enjoy it.

  2. Happy birthday. I expect pictures galore on this blog from now on. Now that you’re 30 you’ve got work to do — make w/the pix already.

  3. Actually, we left MD at 9:30 pm and finally got to Meg’s at 11:00 AM the next day. So technically it took us 13 and 1/2 hours to get to your party. On top of which we were up for 28 straight hours!! 🙂 And didn’t eat for almost as long… Man, I get tired just thinking about it.

    And poor Meggy… You owe her a pretty big Christmas present…

  4. I never thought I would like surprise parties either until one was thrown for me. They really are the best!

    No engagement ring, though? What’s up with this tinyhands? You two should be planning your wedding and stop all this nonsense of travelling 5 hours to see each other.

    That’s a sweet gift too. I expect detailed picture maps of New York for when I go there next year.

  5. Grace, the short answer is that her family would never approve of me. Ironically, it’s because I took her to Hawaii, causing a deep rift in the families resulting in what is essentially a Filipino Fatwa. I’m telling you, don’t mess with the pacific-islander voodoo.

  6. The long answer is that Beth wouldn’t let family interfere with true love finding her in the end.

    Sarcastic responses only works on people who don’t know the reason for the sarcasm in the first place!

  7. Unfortunately, Grace, tinyhands is correct. We don’t approve of him. Basically because he’s not funny.

  8. Jammie J – ok, note to self: no surprise parties for J. 🙂

    Michael – I’m still trying to figure it out. That and I’m a little scared to bring it out in the world…there seems to be ice everywhere I step!

    Sammie – and yet you and Warren managed to be the life of the party. How do you do it?

    Grace – there hasn’t been a sarcastic comment here since you came back, so I’m a little lost on who was sarcastic on what.

    tinyhands – I guess we’re even cause your family will never approve of me, a tan, short, emotional liberal! 😛

    Sammie – Meggy likes him! And he is very funny! He did the funniest thing the other day. Oh what was it? What did he do? Hmm… was so funny!

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