Open House

My boyfriend went out of town this weekend with his family so that left me home all alone, unsupervised, prepared to get into all manner of trouble and weirded out with deja vu.

I started the weekend surfing the internet for a new bed.  Every time I thought I found something nice, I kept going back to the same site. You see, a couple of weeks ago, I found out what it was like to sleep in heaven and I have been yearning for that feeling ever since. My family and I went to visit my little sister, Sammie, in DC a couple of weeks ago and we stayed at the Savoy in Georgetown, where every room is equipped with a Tempur-Pedic bed. And oh dear God! It felt like you had to peel me off the bed! 


Normally, I sleep on my side.  I hate sleeping face down cause my boobs get squished, my face gets that weird wrinkly look from my pillows and it hurts my neck.  But I decided to try it with the Tempur-Pedic bed, and it was incredible!  When you lie down on a Tempur-Pedic bed, you feel yourself sinking slowly into the bed, but just when you think you’re sinking too much, it stops.  It had the perfect balance of firmness and softness.  And the boobies?  Gad, instead of the mattress pushing on them, the boobs were pushing down! Imagine how much fun it is to see boob imprints on your mattress. See, that right there, should be the company’s new marketing strategy. Forget the hand-imprints, forget all that high-fallutin stuff about NASA technology, show me the boobies!

All kidding aside though [for now], when I wasn’t busy making all sorts of funny imprints on the bed, I did get some of the best sleep I’ve ever had in my entire life. We had a very busy schedule in DC, doing a lot of walking in the heat and wearing ourselves out in a short amount of time. That bed is so therapeutic, the moment I layed down it felt like all my aches and pains were being absorbed by the bed and, when I got up, I felt refreshed, energized and somehow ravenously hungry.

Anyway, by the end of Saturday, I made a decision on what I want.  I’m a simple person, and as such, my needs are simple.  All I want is this for Christmas.

Then on Sunday, I found out from my little sister Sammie that you can rent pets!  She’s suffering some kind of moral dilemma about this concept, but it totally appeals to my flakey personality!  ‘Cause apparently I’m not above selling my soul to do free advertising for Tempur-Pedic and I also wouldn’t scruple to pay for companionship and affection [from man’s best friend].


~ by Binibining Beth on August 7, 2007.

4 Responses to “Open House”

  1. I love sleeping on my stomach, it’s the best!
    I have a fancy bed and love every minute of sleeping in it. When I bought it, however, I wasn’t sleeping with Tony and didn’t realize that I should have bought (or could’ve bought) a mattress that had two different firmnesses. See, the mattress I have goes by weight, so his side is a bit too soft for him. Oops!

  2. I love my new bed! Although right now I can’t remember what kind it is. It has the pillow top mattress… mmmmmmmmmmmm… now, if I could just find someone worthy to break it in with.

  3. At $999 for a single twin mattress – you’re gonna have to learn to wish for something else 🙂

  4. I will do my best to smuggle one out for you from work! Of course, you may have to fight Warren for it!

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