I think Hermione’s going to get herself killed tonight. Ron will, of course, try to avenge her. But, inept as he has been for the last 6 years as a wizard, will get himself seriously hurt. So, it’s up to Harry to save him. In the end, I think, the final face off against Voldemort will destroy Harry. But not without killing Snape first. Ron, without hope and without any more friends, redeems himself and somehow (probably with the help of his family, particularly Ginny) manages to kill Voldemort.

That’s just what I think. But what do I know?

Unfortunately, I’m in DC with my family right now and unless they let me get away from them long enough to sneak into a bookstore, I won’t know what happened till maybe Wednesday….that is, if I can even get my hands on a copy by Monday night.

Until then, I ask that y’all keep me out of the loop. I want to find out what happens for myself.

Make it a great weekend folks!


~ by Binibining Beth on July 20, 2007.

4 Responses to “Prediction”

  1. Wow — I should just read your blog and not bother with the book, huh? 😛

  2. shhhh….Zelda’s sleeping after staying up all night reading the book. She finished it in 10 hours.

  3. I heard that Harry is killed by Ron, who we learn is Voldemort’s robot son.

  4. I’m not sayin’ nuttin.

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