More Bethisms

  • “Whereas one is the son of God, you’re a son of a bitch!”
    Reaction to a friend who had the balls to compare himself to Jesus.
  • “Yeah, I have a tiny vagina…bladder!! Oh dear Lord, I meant bladder!”
    When asked why I go to the bathroom a lot.
  • “I like being on top all the time. Of things! I mean, I like being on top of things all the time.”
    Receiving praise for being pro-active at work.
  • “Cause I’m keepin’ it real.”
    When asked by a nice, young black sales-lady why I didn’t want to buy nail polish.
  • “Duh! It’s Luther King, Jr.!”
    Pointing out who sang the song “Power of Love.”
  • “At Gmail dot com. Gmail, G as in…..ummm…..great.  M as in…..martini.  A as in…  I as in…..inebriated.  And L as in…..lush.”
    Spelling out my email address over a bad connection on my cell phone.
  • “Aww, they came up short.  Producers must think little of them.”
    About a tv show where they had dozens of little people pulling an airplane in a race against an elephant pulling another airplane. [Yeah, I know, I’m going to hell. Tell me something I don’t know.]

~ by Binibining Beth on July 18, 2007.

One Response to “More Bethisms”

  1. One time when someone asked me over and over about my name, it went something like this: It’s Jennifer. No, Jennifer. J as in Jennifer, E as in Jennifer after the J….

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