I didn’t think it was possible to be tired on so many levels, but that’s how I feel now.  The ordinary stresses of daily life, e.g. work issues, money issues, health issues – those I can deal with.  But throw in the extra-ordinary stresses, things that involve court summons and government red tape and lawyer’s fees and medical examinations and having no a/c in my car  – those things have worn me out.

I am not looking for pity.  I am not looking for someone to solve all my problems.  All I am looking for is a little bit of luck and a fighting chance.

Some divine providence wouldn’t hurt either, but I should know better than to ask His help.  Or should I? 

I don’t know anymore.  I’m tired.  😦


~ by Binibining Beth on July 10, 2007.

3 Responses to “Tired”

  1. I know a great mechanic in Little Ferry. My name will get you a long ways with him.

  2. I’m sending all the good vibes I can your way. Just throw some good vibes back for this job opportunity I have. I’m feelin’ ya sister and can I get an “Amen?”

  3. That’s a darn shame right there. If you are grammatically tired, things have clearly gone way too far. NOBODY should be grammatically tired!

    You’re not alone – I’ve been hearing that a number of people are out of sorts this week. Someone mentioned something about Mercury and retrograde, but I never believe that shit.

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