Exploring the Friendly State

Seriously, Texas is the Friendly State?  Not that I think y’all aren’t friendly, but for such a huge state with so much history and um….how shall I say this?  Politics? I don’t know, it seems to me that friendly doesn’t even begin to describe Texas.  Although, it’s one of the first things I’ve noticed about Texans, they sure are nice and friendly.  I’m not used to having complete strangers be nice to me, I’m not used to seeing people apologize for getting in someone’s way, I don’t get to witness common courtesy and in such a lovely southern drawl too.  I don’t think I’ll ever get used to that, no matter how long I stay in Texas.

Anyway, there were far too many things that we did over the long weekend that I’m just going to hit the highlights.


What better way to start a long weekend roadtrip than by visiting a brewery and getting drunk on free beer by noon?  Shiner’s a quaint little town full of smalltown personalities, but the beer’s the only thing you’ll ever get me to visit here.  I was having a fantastic buzz at the brewery and didn’t want to stop drinking, but they only gave us three wooden coins each (and for good reason too), so we left town shortly after lunch and made our way to San 100_3525a1.jpgAntonio.

The Alamo

I’ve heard a lot about the Alamo.  I’ve seen a couple of movies made about it.  I was really looking forward to visiting it for the first time, so you can just imagine my disappointment when I found out that there is no basement in the Alamo.

100_3565a.jpgThe Riverwalk

Definitely a tourist trap, but such a pretty one, I couldn’t help but fall in-love with it.  We walked around, took a guided river tour, had terrible Mexican food accompanied by a mariachi band and stole several kisses along several of its bridges.  It was very romantic. 

The State Capitol

I was floored by the State Capitol in Austin.  I loved the attention to detail on the design and decorations all around100_3600a.jpg the Capitol.  We listened in for a bit on what the Representatives in session were up to, but I wasn’t surprised that it was pretty boring.  Along the walls of the first floor were pictures of past governors, and Tinyhands kept wanting to have my picture taken underneath George W’s picture.   I couldn’t, in good conscience, comply with Tinyhands’ wishes.  I’d be disowned by my family and I’d have nightmares for the rest of my life. 


Meeting our future president was, without a doubt, one of the greatest thrills of my life!  But I had to pretend to be cool about it and not spaz out in all directions.  The wine, beer and beef barbecue plate helped out a lot.   He is a natural born story-teller, I tells ya!  I damn near peed a little with one of the stories he was telling us at the hotel.   I was sad to see him leave early, but at least now my life is complete and I can die happy.  😛

100_3588a.jpgCanyon Lake and Tinyhands’ parents

I was driven all over hill country throughout the weekend and stayed at TH’s parent’s cabin.  But the weather refused to cooperate with us; what would’ve been a gorgeous place for tubing, canoeing, sun-bathing or hiking was washed out with flash flood warnings.   TH’s parents were very accomodating and welcoming.  I can see where TH gets his sense of humor and his perverted need to go bikini-watching.   I felt sorry for TH’s Mom, who had to put up with father and son both patronizing her. 

I was told that once I see more of Texas that I’d start to wonder why anyone wants to live in Houston.  True, Houston doesn’t have as much personality and flair as these other places.  It’s also true that Houston has suffered a lot of the “there goes the neighborhood” effect after hurricane Katrina hit what?  Two years ago?  But Houston has something very special no other Texas city has: my heart. 


~ by Binibining Beth on May 31, 2007.

8 Responses to “Exploring the Friendly State”

  1. Whoops — I posted my comment on the wrong post.
    I’m glad you had a good time … seeing stuff, meeting people. I sense a bit of melancholy that it’s over?

  2. How very astute you are, J! I’m going to be a big, fat, emotional mess when I come home on Sunday.

  3. you had me at shiner.

  4. Update: Texans are friendly. Houstonians are assholes.

  5. I like the geographic shape of TX.

  6. Uh…so even though you’ve never met me, you’ll die happy.

    I see how it is!

  7. I’ve read this post over and over. I just couldn’t comment until Grace showed her jealousy. That’s got to be one of the nicest things ever said about me. Possibly the only nice thing ever printed about me. I too can now die happy.

  8. It was cool to see you both together again. You made me remember the culture shock when I first came down here. And TH is right. Houstonians are assholes.

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