A whole lotta nuttin’

Been so long since I even tried to write a post that I’d forgotten my password.  The last 6 days here in Houston have been uneventful, but relaxing.  Well, apart from inheriting a cold from Tinyhands, I’d say it was relaxing. 

I’m watching a lot of tv.  A  whole lotta tv.  And I tell you whut, there is just nothing good on!  Well, right now I’m watching the Discovery channel’s “Cash Cab.”  It’s making me miss New York, but it looks like a fun show!  I’m surprised that the contestants/passengers are so good….either that or being a couch potato is dumbening me.   

When I’m not watching tv, I wreak havoc in Tinyhands’ place, bouncing around on his bed, rearranging his silverware and doing an homage to Tom Cruise’s shirt and boxers scene in “Risky Business.”

I have way too much time on my hands. 

Memorial day weekend is coming up, the official start of the summer season.  Okay, not officially.  Tinyhands and I are planning a road trip.  I call shotgun!  It should be fun, it’d be nice to see what else Texas has to offer. 

I’ll try to blog more next week, till then I hope y’all have a great weekend!


~ by Binibining Beth on May 24, 2007.

4 Responses to “A whole lotta nuttin’”

  1. i hope you have a great weekend — a road trip? In his miata? cool!

    glad you’re having fun…

  2. He drives a miata? hahaha. That’s funny.

  3. Yes, I drive a miata, got a problem with that? But this weekend we took the Benz 😛

    I’ll let Beth update y’all on the rest of the story though. Ask to see her cowgirl hat!

  4. Ask to see her cowgirl hat!

    is that a sex thing?

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