The Season, more or less as told to Tinyhands

Tax season, as some of you already know, is in full swing. Coincidentally, the Lenten season begins today, Ash Wednesday. What does this all mean? No fun for Beth.

Since I work Saturdays now, I no longer have a weekend, I have Sunday. Since I’m Catholic, I’m morally obligated to make some sort of sacrifice for the next 40 days. So, I’m tired and stressed AND I have to give up something I love. Whoopee!

But I shouldn’t be sarcastic. Like New Year’s resolutions, I don’t stick to my Lenten sacrifices. And believe it or not, I feel bad about that. You know that I’m not much of a Catholic, but I still have faith. And if there’s one thing I want to accomplish this season, it’s having more faith…in myself, my family and my friends, because it’s through them that I see God.

But I’m waxing philosophical. Point is, I need to be more disciplined. I need to do something this season that I’ve never tried before. None of that giving up chocolate and soda stuff (convenient, huh?). I need to give up something serious, something I truly love, something that takes up more than 4 hours of my day. I need to give up the internet.

No more emails, no more chatting, no more surfing YouTube for funny videos, no more bidding on eBay, no more paying bills online, no more posting pictures online, and more importantly, no more blogging.

Now, I know this is quite a sacrifice, and I knew it’d drive me crazy to be completely cut off from the world wide web. So I gave myself a little bit of a compromise. No internet except on Sundays. I figure, if Grace could do it, meh! Maybe I could too!

So, with that in mind, I will only be checking my email and blogging on Sundays. I am not even posting this myself. I have asked Tinyhands to do it for me. He’s going to be my only connection to you folks, so if you need to get in touch with me, go find him. Now, I can’t stop Tinyhands from reading all of your blogs and telling me about them, so it’s not like I’m going to be completely cut off. Besides, I’ve been averaging one post a week anyway, so it’s not like I’ll be missed.

I’m looking forward to this challenge. Without the internet to get connected to, I might have more time to do some of the things I’ve been trying to do. Like finish the book, “The Art of Happiness.” I’ve been reading that for two months now. And instead of spending only an hour at the gym, maybe I can spend two. Maybe I can get caught up on my Netflix queue. And without blogs to tempt me during the day, I might actually get more work done! Plus, I figure, I’ll get to spend more quality time with my friends and family, as opposed to shooting them an email or chatting with them online.

To those of you who have my phone number and my work email, I’d really appreciate it if you didn’t tempt me. As you know, I am a weakling. I will fall apart at the slightest hint of a YouTube video of a man getting hit in the groin with a football. I will delete anything sent to my work email that doesn’t have some sort of emergency to it. If it’s a real emergency you can send me a text message. Hell Heck, send me a text message anyway, even if it’s just to say hi. Well, I think that about wraps things up for me. Have a great rest of the week and I’ll see y’all on Sunday!



~ by Binibining Beth on February 21, 2007.

11 Responses to “The Season, more or less as told to Tinyhands”

  1. What a cop out. Love you, Beth, but Jesus didn’t get a break every seventh day from the desert… It’s ludicrous! It’s a sacrifice, get it? It’s supposed to hurt… It’s supposed to make you feel like a meth addict trying to get clean… 🙂

  2. When you said you were gonna give up something you truly loved, something serious…I thought you were gonna quit TH.

  3. Well, if you’re giving up the Internet, then why should I bother commenting. Pfft. I shall mark this day in my diary as the day that Beth lost her mind. Or at least her grasp of her mind.

    Pfft. Pfft. Pfft.

  4. I figure, if Grace could do it, meh! I could too!

    Uh, when I contemplated what I was giving up for Lent you explicitly told me not to give up blogging so I didn’t, and here you go. b*tch!

    And haven’t you figured out by now that I’m the exception to most rules?

    Good luck!

  5. Sammie – stop forcing your beliefs on me! And I’m not going for sainthood here, I just want to be able to fool everyone so I can sneak into heaven. 😛

    Leese – first of all, TH is never serious. Secondly, I could never quit him, even if I wanted to.

    Jammie J – well, as Grace used to say, “You can’t lose something you never had.”

    Grace – ah, well, I wanted to see how hard it was to give up blogging. I miss it, but I have to be honest, I don’t miss it all that much. But then again, I”ve only been gone since Wednesday. The true test is next week.

    I had one whole day to come up with a post, and I ran out of time. With 2 minutes left on this Sunday, I feel like someone who just won an Oscar and the music has started to play and I’m still thanking my makeup artist, my writers and directors. Please, stop the music! I have to say this one last thing, please!

    Thank y…..

  6. Okay, I’m done with this game now. Come back, please?

  7. What’s Beth’s work e-mail? I might be going to NYC sometime this spring and I need information.

    I suppose I could just call her eh.

    Meh, I would rather email and all I have is her gmail.

    At any rate, hit me up with an email at <address removed by tinyhands> with her address, someone, if you will. Or get her to hit me up. Either or. Just don’t spam me. That just sucks.


  8. J- I know she appreciates the sentiment, if not your godless ways, trying to seduce her into forsaking a religious vow 😉

    Grace- I’ll pass along the message and I know she’d love to meet you. Look for an email from her this Sunday when she’s allowed out of her cage back online.

  9. He/She is God remember? There’s no escape or squeaking by. Call me or else I’ll kill you.

    Just kidding about the killing part… at worst I’ll run around your bedroom screaming “BOOBIES BOOBIES!”

  10. What? I finally get around to getting to read your blog and you’re giving it up all for religion? I’ve already done my pentenance or sacrifice or Lenten… one month is enough for me chica! I miss you.

  11. Sammie- I’m thinking of a number between 1 and 5318008

    Peach- She misses you too.

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