Daylight deals a bad hand to a woman who has laid too many bets

I’ve been very busy lately. I’d tell you what I’ve been busy with, but too many days have passed and too many things have come and gone that there’s just not enough time for me to talk about all of them.

But I will share you one thing that’s been keeping me busy. As some of you already know, my first 29th birthday is next Tuesday. My present to myself is to take a whole week off from work. Whoohoo! I can’t remember the last time I took this many consecutive days off from work, so I’ve been scrambling to tie up loose ends in the office.

I wish I could say I’ll have five whole days of sleeping in, but Tinyhands has created a strict schedule of activities for us, which includes sightseeing in NYC by 10am. Oh….you did know Tinyhands was coming to visit me, right?

Anyway, Tinyhands and I spent nearly 2 hours creating an itinerary (on Excel, mind you) for his visit. At some point during those two gruelling hours, he called me a pain in the ass and I called him a big dork. Nothing like building a relationship on a foundation of mutual respect, maturity and understanding, huh? But oh you should’ve seen this beauty of a spreadsheet – it looks so pretty! So colorful and shit. I wish I could take some credit for it, but all the dorky glory belongs to Tinyhands.

The schedule didn’t leave much room for blogging, though. Or sleeping*, I might add. But there is plenty of eating*, including dinner at the Russian Tea Room, so all is forgiven. I’ll try my best to blog sometime next week when Tinyhands isn’t looking, just to let you know how our vacation’s going. Granted, we don’t get sick of each other (TH is staying for 9 excruciating wonderful days), in which case, I’ll be asking for someone to please take him away before we start choking* each other.

Till then, make it a great weekend folks!

*There are no innuendos or euphemisms on this post, unfortunately. 


~ by Binibining Beth on November 30, 2006.

3 Responses to “Daylight deals a bad hand to a woman who has laid too many bets”

  1. Oh sure, tease us about what has gone and what’s to come. And then tell us you’ll do your best to blog in your time off. What the hell… if I had known Tinyhands was gonna cut into your blogging time I’d never have encouraged this nonsense.

  2. Remember dumpling, I know where you live.

  3. What’s the world come to? Beth taking spreadsheets over blogging?

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