Cesspool on the Potomac

“The city of Washington was built on a stagnant swamp some 200 years ago, and very little has changed. It stank then, and it stinks now.”

I suppose I could tell you how The Meg, The Mom and I drove to Maryland late last Friday to visit The Sam.

I suppose I could tell you how I nearly got my family killed cause I was falling asleep behind the wheel that night.

I suppose I could complain about how I had to share a bed with The Meg who is the worst bed and blanket hogger (it runs in the family).

I suppose I could describe in detail how we spent a beautiful, albeit hot, day at the National Mall in DC on Saturday, where I got to see the FDR Memorial, the Smithsonian Castle, the Museum of History and Technology, an exhibit on the first Filipino immigrants in the States (which, btw, got me all verklempt because it made me miss my grandfather), the World War II Memorial at night, and the creepy 5-story stairs in Georgetown where the priest killed himself in that scene in “The Exorcist.”I suppose I could describe to you how silly The Meg and The Sam looked hiding underneath

The World’s Largest Umbrella while paddling around the Potomac (or at least I think it’s the Potomac).I suppose I could tell you how my family kept making fun of me for no good reason. Those jerks.

I suppose I could write about how exhausting it was to drive back to Jersey for 4 hours straight on Sunday night.

I suppose I could do all that, but all I can think about is how I love being with my family. We could’ve stayed indoors and done nothing all day and I still would’ve had a great time. It proves my point that it doesn’t matter where you go, it’s who you’re with that matters.

Ps. Blogger’s being a pain in the tuckus about uploading pictures. You can see more pictures by clicking here. C’mon, click it. You know you wanna.

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~ by Binibining Beth on August 10, 2006.

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