Weekend in hell

A few thoughts on these last few days (pictures included):

1. Had a very lovely dinner with Nina and Grace on Friday night at a restaurant called “Django.” I’m thinking I should go out at least once a month with these two chicas to try out different restaurants in the city. Hopefully we’ll be able to try them all by the time we retire (yes, there are that many restaurants in the city)!

2. Had an epiphany on Friday night. None of the travel plans I wanted to take this year have gone through because I think I’m jinxing myself for planning it and for blathering on and on about it to everyone I know. Well, I’ve decided that if I am ever going to get anywhere this year, I am just going to pack up my bags, keep my big mouth shut, hop on a plane/car and just go! If I somehow end up at your door, don’t worry, I’ll call a couple of hours before I arrive. Or will I? šŸ˜‰

3. Saturday was spent helping The Meg and The Mike unpack their shit stuff. How could two people have so much shit stuff to unpack when they’ve only been married for five years??

4. Painting The Mike’s office space red – very good idea. Painting the windows, door and panelling black – very stupid idea.

5. They live not far from active train tracks and a freight train passes by every 15 minutes throughout the day. I’m sure the neighborhood has grown accustomed to all the noise. I spent the night at their place, and let me tell ya, they weren’t kidding about “throughout the day!” I heard trains blaring their loud, obnoxious horns at 3:30 in the morning! I have to say, whatever it is those freight trains are transporting, it had better be the cure for cancer cause anything other than that is not worth the noise!

6. After only 4 hours of sleep, I woke up this morning and got myself a gun. Okay, more like a power drill at Home Depot. I learned something at Home Depot today – that it’s not the meat market of young, gorgeous handy men I was led to believe it is. And thank God for that cause I looked like I had spent the night on the world’s most uncomfortable couch after slaving all day at a house that didn’t belong to me. Oh wait, that’s exactly what happened!

7. I hate Filipinos. I freakin’ hate them all. Except you Leese. And you Lizza. And your respective families, too, of course. And to any other Filipino reading this right now.

Anyway, what was I saying? Oh yeah, I hate Filipinos. We decided to break for lunch today and grab something to eat at a place called the Bamboo Grill. Hmm…grilled bamboo, can life get any better??

(If, by now, you can’t tell I’m being sarcastic/a smart ass, well, I am. There, I just saved you the trouble of trying to figure that out by yourself. Now, read on.)

The tiny restaurant was once a Chinese restaurant and the new owners didn’t bother to hide that fact. There were still Chinese writings and art on their wall. Their air conditioning system was a huge oscillating fan at the back of the room, which wasn’t oscillating at all, and it was blowing hot air.

Some jackass of a Filipino family walked in and decided that they are the only ones worthy of the “air conditioning” joke, so they moved the fan, effectively robbing the rest of the customers of its pathetic cooling efforts. Within seconds, I was already sweating.

If there’s one thing y’all should know about me, I do not like heat. Which is not to be confused with being in heat, cause that I actually like. If I were given the choice of living between a desert and an iceberg, I’d pick the iceberg. Granted, of course, there’s plenty of space-heaters provided. šŸ˜€

Anyway, back to my disjointed ranting, so there we were, sweating and barely able to enjoy our meal. The service sucked, the ambiance sucked, but the food was awesome, and that irked me the most. Had it all sucked across the board, I’d have boycotted the place and gave that Filipino family a piece of my fried mind. But knowing that my family would like to continue partaking of their delicious food, I had to swallow my pride.

Damn Filipinos!

8. When we finally got back to our own place, I had every intention of taking a well-earned nap. But I was getting tired of not being able to listen to any music from my computer ever since the sound card decided it didn’t want to work for me anymore. The Mike was nice enough to provide me with a new one and gave me the impression that it was easy to install myself. So I said, “Oh why the hell not? It’s the hottest day of the year, so far, and I’m going on 4 hours of sleep – I can so do this!”

Long story short, I’ve managed to install the sound card perfectly and can now listen to music to my heart’s content. But I somehow dislodged some cables for the system fan. Without an internal cooling system, my computer has limited working capacity. Boy, do I know exactly how that feels – once I get too hot, I don’t want to work anymore. So now that I’m afraid my computer’s going to get overheated, I turned my A/C to full blast and hauled in a small fan and faced it directly at my computer. I’m freezing my ass off, but I must blog.

Have any of you ever seen the insides of your computers? Fascinating schtuff. When I put it all back together, I found a spare piece lying on the ground. I hope it’s not important, cause I’d hate to not be able to finish this dra

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~ by Binibining Beth on July 30, 2006.

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