Things About Me #97

I have obsessive compulsive tendencies.I have to constantly keep checking that I locked my car. I’ll press the button on my remote to lock it, reach out for the handle on the door, lift it and confirm that the button did, in fact, lock my car. I’ll then take two steps away from my car, put my keys in my purse and all of a sudden think that by doing so, the button was accidentally pushed and my car is now left unlocked for car thieves who lurk in the bushes on the off-chance that this is the day that Beth forgets to double check the locks on her car. So I rush back and push the button on my remote, all the while never losing eye contact with the locks, making sure they are not popping their little heads out of the door, beckoning passersby to steal my car. And as if that wasn’t enough, I again reach out for the door handle, lift and this time pull really, really hard at the door to make sure that, yes, the door is locked and can’t be yanked out of the car, cause you can never be too sure that a car thief wouldn’t have superhuman strength as well.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

Then there’s my alarm clock at night. I have a radio/alarm clock set to wake me up every morning for work.

My nighttime routine goes something like this: I’ll watch tv to get me drowsy enough to go to sleep. With the remote in my left I hand, I reach out with my right to go about setting the alarm. I’ll pull the switch till I can see the yellow strip on it which signifies that the alarm is turned on. Then I’ll press a tiny button to ensure that the alarm is set for 6:00AM, cause God forbid I forget to check that and it was somehow magically changed to 6:00PM or some other strange time. It makes no never mind that the time couldn’t possibly be changed cause I am the only one using that alarm clock and there is no way in hell you can make me get up any earlier than 6:00. But I make sure the alarm says 6:00AM anyway cause I’m weird like that.

When I’m satisfied that the alarm is good, I turn off the lights, settle into a comfortable position in bed and get ready to turn off the tv. But just in case I imagined the whole thing, I get up from bed, repeat the whole process, yada yada yada. Once that’s done, I lie back down, and turn off the tv.

I’ll toss and turn for a couple of times till I get to a position where I’m facing the alarm clock, and hell, since I’m already facing the damn thing, I might as well double check.

And you wonder why I’m so tired all the time.


~ by Binibining Beth on April 19, 2006.

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