Have any of you seen the movie, “Defending Your Life”?

Judgement City they called it, a layover, I suppose, for figuring out if you’ll be taking the tram to “move forward” or taking the tram back to Earth for another chance to live a good life. I call it heaven.

Everyone will be wearing comfy, white robes so no one ever has to feel less beautiful than the next dead person. People travel in quiet, non-polluting trams. All the public servants are super friendly and super smart. There’s no smoking, no littering, no loud noises, no politics, no religious denominations, no crimes, no diseases, no taxes and no deaths. You get to stay in a nice hotel, free of charge, even if you weren’t so good in life, like Albert Brooks’ character. And you get to find out what your past lives were!

But, what makes this my heaven is the fact that you can eat and eat and eat anything and everything your heart desires without worrying about getting fat or getting sick. I love that scene where Meryl Streep and Albert Brooks goes out to dinner and Meryl starts chewing on a really, really long string of pasta and instead of biting it off, she just sucks the entire thing in. Brings tears to my eyes everytime.

There are so many things I love about this movie. Apart from the romantic aspect of the story (that scene at the end, where Albert finally finds the courage to be with the one he loves by taking on those electric trams and nearly getting killed (?) in the process, is hands down the best I-Am-So-Stupid/What-Was-I-Thinking/I-Don’t-Want-To-Lose-You scene ever!), they dealt with some pretty thought-provoking concepts too.

One, the fact that someone has the capability to watch and record my every move makes me very nervous of my chances to “move on.”

Two, I wonder what my past lives were like.

Three, why am I only using such a small percentage of my brain?

Four, if all the good people on Earth have been judged and deemed worthy of moving forward, and all the bad people are sent back to try again, then wouldn’t Earth be eventually left with all the rubbish? Kinda makes you want to be good, doesn’t it?

And five, in the short life I’ve lived so far, have I shown courage? And if not, how long till my soul gets it right?

Anyway, all I’d need to make that heaven complete is to have my family there, then I can spend the rest of eternity in bliss. Which, if you know my family, will be a problem because I know Mike will want to stay at the fanciest hotel, while Sam will want to find her own place, Mom will just tag along with anyone, and Meg will argue with all of us just for shits and giggles. Hopefully, my dearly-departed grandparents will be able to shut them all up.

Yeap, that’s heaven for me.

What does your heaven look like?


~ by Binibining Beth on April 3, 2006.

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