So what’s the rule about saying “God bless you” when someone sneezes? I know you’re supposed to say it immediately after someone sneezes, but what if you were in an office space and several other people have already said it? Am I required to say it also?

Why should I feel compelled to say “God bless you” when others already have? Is it really necessary for so many people to “bless you,” isn’t one enough? Are you that self-centered? And do I really have to keep blessing you for every single sneeze? Wouldn’t it be annoying to have to keep saying it for someone who has a cold? Couldn’t we give these sick-o’s a pre-emptive, all-day “God bless you” pass?

We have all come to expect the courteous “God bless you” because it’s what polite, decent, tax-paying folks do. The Germans say “Gezundheit!” The French, “A tes souhaits.” The Filipinos, “Ay sus ko day!”

If I was in a room filled with people and NO ONE said “God bless you” after I sneezed, wouldn’t you have to wonder what is wrong with these people? I mean, I could’ve died! My soul could’ve escaped through my nose! What is the matter with you?!?

But then again, do I really want somebody’s insincere “God bless you”? Isn’t this like that oft-repeated but never-taken-seriously, paradoxical expression, “Good morning!”

Can I believe that this person really wished to bless me with good health, a long life and all that crap? Couldn’t we just get rid of this expression/tradition, or whatever you may call it, altogether? Y’all could’ve been spared this rant if we did.

And that’s another thing, why do most people say “Thank you!” only once even though several people blessed them? Granted it sounds silly to thank each person who did, but polite society demands that we show gratitude for people who bestow kindness on us, regardless of how inconsequential or insincere that kindness is.

Seriously, we need to lay down some ground rules about this. I can’t be going around God blessing everyone for every single sneeze and not be thanked for my troubles.

Alright, I may be a tad upset about this because I don’t very often get blessed when I sneeze. Is it my fault that my sneezes tend to be so high-pitched sometimes that neighborhood dogs are yelping in pain at the sound of it??

Oh, damn it! I just sneezed in the office and NO ONE SAID ANYTHING!!



~ by Binibining Beth on March 13, 2006.

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