The final frontier

Tonight, I’m about to go where no Beth has dared to go before. I feared this day would come and now it’s finally here. I’ve hit rock bottom, folks. I’m about to go…………..speed dating.


I’ve gone the regular route of the dating game, and have gone the irregular route as well, i.e. online dating, blind dating, even expiration dating (it’s a “Sex in the City” thing).

Tonight, I’m about to find out if it’s possible to get to know a good man in three minutes or less. Talk about pressure! Just think, in three minutes, I have to pique his interest without looking desperate, I have to ooze with charm without appearing slutty, and by the end of the night, I have to get all their names straight! Seems like a hell of a lot of work for a Wednesday, don’t ya think?

Believe it or not, despite my utter repulsion for speed dating, I’m actually nervous about it. How do you win someone over in three minutes? And don’t even try to tell me to “be yourself!” It takes 3 hours for me to “be myself.” So tell me, what do I say? How do I act? Apart from the cleavage-showing blouse I’m wearing, I’m clueless! The shortest date I’ve ever been on was about 6 hours. It took that long for me to wow their socks off (quite literally for some guys).

I know it’s going to be spectacularly bad, but I remain positive about this experience. If this night serves nothing more than a potentially hilarious post for me on Friday, then so be it!

Wish me luck, folks!


~ by Binibining Beth on February 22, 2006.

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