Things About Me #99

I hate being called the quiet one. What is so wrong about being quiet? I’m not freakin’ mute, for the love of Pete, but just because I don’t make as much noise as everyone else doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with me!I get this a lot from work. When your office space is dominated by women, or more specifically, women who always have a ready opinion on anything and everything, it gets very loud with their gabfest sometimes. There are days when my powers to block them out are severely tested. I like my quiet space, it puts me in a good mood which consequently makes me more productive. So when I have to put all my effort into silencing them out, I get nothing done.

We had a staff meeting where everybody was there and the level of chatter was unbearable. At some point, someone noticed that I hadn’t said anything. And somebody else remarked, “Yeah, you are so quiet all the time in that little cube of yours!”

That’s cause I’m working.

One of the reasons why I don’t like being referred to as the quiet one is because it implies that I’m no fun at all. Well, bite me. I know how to have fun, I am a very fun person to be with, damn it! Just cause my idea of fun doesn’t include making loud, obnoxious noises doesn’t mean I’m a fun extinguisher. Sometimes my idea of fun is staying at home and watching a good movie. But for crazy fun? I watch bad movies….I’m about to send out an invite for my Bad-Movie Night, which’ll include such classics as “Gigli” and “Glitter.” Rest assured, alcohol will be served…plenty of it.

Anyway, I also hate those people who imply, “you gotta watch out for the quiet ones.” For what? You think underneath this cool facade is molten lava ready to errupt? Granted, I have road rage and I turn green and monstrously huge when I’m angry, but who hasn’t needed anger management at some point in their lives?

But I’m not about to change my quiet ways. I actually like it that people get the sense that they can come to me and tell me their problems (when I’m really taking a mental note of all their weaknesses), and they expect kindness, sympathy and a soft-spoken response (when I’m really pointing and laughing at them). Would anyone ever suspect that the ultimate plan for world domination was crafted by me? No, of course not. It’s the perfect cover.


~ by Binibining Beth on February 19, 2006.

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