Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

They’re calling it the Blizzard of ’06. I think they should call it the Blizzard of “oh heeell no!”

What a complete waste of a snow day, to fall on a Sunday.

Stay tuned for when I take more pics later, when I get to have fun shoveling my lovely car out and I show you what a snow angel really looks like. Yipee!!

After two hours…..

We did it! Sam and I shoveled or walkway and driveway! Who needs yoga and weight-lifting at the gym when you can shovel for two hours for free!

And can I just say……snow blowers are for PUSSIES! There. I said it. And you know I don’t like the “p” word. But it’s true. I live in a town where there’s not a whole lot to be shoveled. Driveways at the most are only a car-length, so why in the hell are there so many of these noisy contraptions? Sure, my head’s pounding, I can’t feel my fingers, and my back’s being a whiny bitch right now, but hey, we still managed. I even had fun and was able to make a decent snow angel. Check it out!

Let it never be said that a woman can’t do a man’s job. And any man who uses a snow-blower should be called a snow-pussy.

I’m out, yo. I need a nap.


~ by Binibining Beth on February 12, 2006.

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