A Love Story

Around February of last year, when I was daydreaming on the commuter bus, I noticed this man gather his courage and approach a fellow female passenger. Both were around their early 30’s and were pretty average looking. He tapped her on the shoulder and after a brief introduction they were sitting next to each other happily chatting away.

They didn’t seem to have much in common. He was a bit of a preppy and she was… well, to be honest, a bit of a hootchie mama. What little conversation I tried not to overhear was ridiculously shallow and unimpressive. But despite my thoughts of “this ain’t gonna last”, things progressed quickly from there… from holding hands to full-on tonsil hockey… making the rest of the bus passengers pretty uncomfortable but perversely fascinated… me included.

Ah, l’amour… they were obliviously lovey-dovey………….. and frankly, pissing me off. This went on for months… and I wondered if I was witness to true love found on a bus. Was love flaunting it’s prowess in front of me? Could something like this happen to hapless me? Maybe there was hope for the rest of us!!

But then one day, BAM! I get on the bus and the two lovebirds are sitting on opposite sides of the bus… they’re not even looking at each other… even going so far as to exit through different doors. Everyone on the bus has noticed and is eerily silent… like a balloon waiting to be popped. Every single person wondering, “What happened?” They look at him and then they look at her… nothing. Not a twitch… It was awkwardly delicious.I felt bad for the demise of their relationship. And of them having witnesses to the failure of their romance so publicly flaunted. Once so happy and now so thoroughly miserable. The 9:00 AM 81 Express bus to Exchange Place will never be the same. And we were all saddened by it. They were the Brad and Jen of our bus. And even though we had no personal stake in their lives we all felt involved in their story.

Posted by my little sister, Sammie



~ by Binibining Beth on February 7, 2006.

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