Things About Me #100

So I’ve decided to do what every other blog has done, to do the “100 things about me” challenge. I tried it a long time ago and got stuck with 12. There is not just 12 things about me! But everytime I tried again, I kept losing momentum.

So, I said to myself, “Self, you need to find another way of doing this.”

And voila! I have decided to do a separate post for each one of the 100 things. I figure it’ll be a good way of coming up with 100 different posts for those days when I have nothing else to blog about.

So, here’s number 100:

I’d love to get a tattoo. If it weren’t for the pain and the whole “you gotta live with it for the rest of your life” factors, I’d have gotten a tattoo a long time ago. I know it seems like a clash of personalities, I mean, me, the boring accountant hiding a tattoo? Seriously?? I’d be having people trying to rub it off to see if it’s real.

But I enjoy art, and I like to think some tattoos are art pieces on a unique canvas. I like watching “Miami Ink” on TLC, not for the stories behind the artists or the customers, but for the finished product itself. The designs either blow me away or make me want to blow chunks. The problem I have with most tattoo designs is that they seem to all look alike! You see one tribal art design, you’ve seen them all. If I’m going to have something painfully etched onto my body and learn to love it till the day I die, it damn well better be screaming, “Yes! That’s soooo Beth!”

So far, I’ve come up with just one idea, to have one of my most favorite phrases tattooed on my lower back: Amore Vincit Omnia.


~ by Binibining Beth on January 26, 2006.

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