So long, farewell, au revoir, auf wiedersehen

“I have no doubt in my mind that I am 100% sad to leave.”

Johanna from “The Real World: Austin” saying goodbye to her roommates.

And so another chapter ends in the lives of seven strangers thrown together to see what happens when people stop being nice and start being real.


They stopped being real about 10 seasons ago. And I have to say this one, the 16th season, was the worst one ever! I can’t believe I actually watched some of the episodes. I was not surprised that the season finale was filled with “drama.” On a side note, when did the word “drama” become part of our daily vernacular? When did teenagers and twenty-somethings relate petty, “he-said, she-said” bullshit as “drama”? I blame MTV for redefining the word.

You are fugly. Men will never treat you with respect as long as you keep drinking yourself under the table.


Stop talking about people behind their backs, go out there and put some color on you, girl! You look like you could faint from a papercut.


You win, PRICK OF THE YEAR. Kudos, cause there were some big contenders for that award. *coughs* P. Diddy.


I can tell you’re a kinky guy, cause your girl Melinda has you so whipped I can only assume you’re into S&M.


I’ve already forgotten about you.



Ah yes, the token blonde hottie. I’ve seen dust balls with more personality than you.



You are despicable. You make me sick. I can’t stand to look at you. You have a bright future in Hollywood! Good luck, kid!

But the good news is, The Gauntlet is back. Yeah baby! Beth, my unfortunate namesake, is bigger, blonder and bitchier than ever.

And there you have, folks, my guilty pleasures. Who says there’s nothing good on tv?


~ by Binibining Beth on November 23, 2005.

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