My life is complete

I now have in my possession the complete Star Wars saga. Can life get any geekier?

When I got to BestBuy to pick up my copy of “Episode III: Revenge of the Sith,” there was a barrage of geeky looking men running to the store.

Ah, I am amongst my people!

BestBuy actually had a whole section of the store closed off just for Star Wars paraphernalia, from DVD’s, video games, toy lightsabers, toy Yodas, to a real life Jedi. Well, a guy playing a Jedi anyway. If you bought the DVD today, you could’ve gotten a picture with that Jedi.

Do I dare raise my status from geek to uber geek by having my picture taken with a Jedi? Will my reputation as a bookish accountant be ruined if my peers should get a hold of this picture?

I perused through the Star Wars video games as I tried to make my decision. From out of nowhere a guy came up next to me and asked if I needed help. He was not an employee of BestBuy, but he definitely looked like a schmuck (as I believe most, if not all, BestBuy employees are completely and utterly incompetent).

“Do you need help with those video games?”

“Uh, no.”

“You sure? You look like you don’t know what the differences are between the packages. You see that one is for an Xbox, this other one is for a Gamecube……you know, just like Nintendo? And that one? Is for a PS2. I’m sorry, I mean a PlayStation 2. Did I confuse you? Did I say a whole bunch of technical words you didn’t understand?”

Roger that, he is a schmuck.

“I happen to own all three game consoles, so I know exactly what the differences are.”

“You mean your boyfriend does?”

“Did I stutter when I said, ‘I own all three’?”

“Uuuuhhh, no, it’s just that I don’t know very many cute girls who like to play video games, much less own more than one console.”

“Exactly how many girls do you know?”

“Well, apparently, not a lot.”

Luckily, he left me alone after that because it was his turn to have his picture taken with the Jedi. Well, that just clinched it for me. I’m not going where that dork is. Besides, I want to have my picture taken with only one Star Wars character anyway. Can you guess which one?

Anyway, I hate that. I absolutely hate guys who think girls can’t hack it as gamers. This isn’t the first time some guy thought I was just shopping around for my boyfriend. In fact, my Xbox was a gift to me by an ex-boyfriend! What are we in the Fifties, where women are only supposed to cook and clean and make babies?? Look around you, guys! Women can do just about anything a guy can do, and sometimes do it better! So why is it all that unusual for a girl to be a gamer?!?

Sure, I’m not a true gamer, my game consoles are collecting dust right now. But that’s not to say I can’t hold my own against any guy!

I’ve gotten completely off topic, haven’t I? Well, I’m not really sure what my topic was to begin with.

Ah, yes, Star Wars. This weekend, I’m hoping the weather will be a tad gloomy, the type of weather that makes you want to stay indoors and in your jammies, just so I can have a Star Wars marathon. A weekend filled with Star Wars goodness.

Complete, my life is. Hhmmm.


~ by Binibining Beth on November 2, 2005.

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