The Pointer Sisters

Someone just recently pointed out that I don’t look like my sisters. What do you think?

Growing up, my sisters and I were called the Pointer Sisters. It’s not just because we do a fabulous rendition of Jump, jump for my love! It’s mostly because of our tendency to point at the things we wanted at the store. Get it?

Anyway, we were also referred to as “Tatlong Maria,” which translates to the Three Maria’s. Each of us posses some form of “Maria” in our legal names. There’s Mary, Maria and Marie. I believe our Church said that part of our names must be Biblical, and what could be more Biblical than Mary? The rest of our names, though, were the least Biblical names you could think of. One is named after an alcoholic beverage, another is named after pot, and the last is named after a witch. I’ll leave you folks to figure out what those names are, or you can cheat and send me an email.

You know our Mom hates it when we call each other stupid? That I can’t figure out. I mean, bitch, skank, retahd and moron, she doesn’t mind, but if she hears the word stupid, she gives us a scolding. What’s the deal?

Sam: You’re stupid!
Beth: Mooooooom!!! Sam called me stupid!
Mom: Tsk, Sam!! Beth is NOT stupid!

That was at dinner last month.

Have I mentioned that I have two of the best sisters in the world? I dare you to find better sisters than these two idiots.


~ by Binibining Beth on October 13, 2005.

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