Sundays suck

Don’t you agree? I mean, it’s the fastest day of the weekend, it’s the day before *augh* Monday, you can’t do anything that’s too much fun or too tiring cause then you won’t be ready for *augh* Monday. So you end up in some sort of weekend-limbo where you want to enjoy not being at work but not too much because you want to get some relaxation to get ready for the work week.


But I had a nice weekend. Friday night, I went out to celebrate my best friend, Nina’s, birthday. Check us out! Are we hot sexy bitches or what? Pardon the bragging, but I don’t usually look that good! And I am proud to say, I did not throw up that night! Whoohoo!

Then Saturday, I celebrated the glorious Yankees’ AL East Division win over the Red Sux. All is right with the world again!

Also on Saturday, my friend Rich cooked dinner for me. He made dumplings and pad thai. He’s such a sweetheart. Since he works 4 days out of the week in Boston, I can imagine it’s tough for him to deal with stuff at home and try to spend time with family and friends while he’s in Jersey. But the fact that he makes time to hang out with me, even if it’s just to watch the game at a bar, is really nice.

I’m so glad he’s a Yankees fan. I’d say half the people I know are Yankee-haters and the other half are indifferent to the sport. And that’s sad, cause I love watching their games, and you know how boring it can be when you watch it by yourself? Plus, drinking by yourself while watching the game means you might have a “problem”, which I don’t!

I went on to Ticketmaster to see about getting post season tix, but wasn’t sure who I could take with me. And now, because of my hesitation, I can’t even get tickets anymore! D’oh!

Well, one hour left on this sucky Sunday. That’s another thing about Sundays, I can never get good sleep on Sunday nights. Must be the thought of having to get up early for work. I’m grumpy already and it’s not even Monday yet.

So how was your weekend?


~ by Binibining Beth on October 2, 2005.

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