Friendly Enterprise

When I got into my car last night after work, I noticed the battery light indicator thingy was blinking. It’s been doing that for the past few days but would eventually go away. Last night, however, it didn’t.

So, not wanting to push my luck, I rushed to the nearest mechanic. Mr. Mechanic said, “It’s the alternator, needs to be replaced.”

And I said, “Okay, Mr. Mechanic! Do your thing!”

“Ma’am, it’s 6pm, we’re closed. Tomorrow we fix.”


So, I rush back to the office and decide to get a rental since I didn’t want to risk my battery dying on me while I’m on my 30-mile commute home. I knew Enterprise was closed at 6pm, but thought maybe if I begged they’d reconsider.

Turns out, the office that I called had a good Samaritan working long hours and said he’d come pick me up.

When he did, he introduced himself as the assistant manager of that Enterprise branch, and started chatting away like we were long lost friends. I have to admit, I liked the conversation we had in that short 20 minute trip back to his office.

“So, that’s an interesting last name you have ma’am. Is that your husband’s name?”

Why, of course not, you sly thing.

“Oh, so that’s your unmarried name? Very nice. Do you live around here?”

By the time we got back to his office, I knew what school he went to, that he used to work in New York, that he loves to travel, and that he loves to have plenty of sex. Just kidding, he didn’t say that, though I’m sure that’s true anyway cause what guy doesn’t??

So we get to his office, do all the paperwork, and just as I’m getting ready to leave, he gives a great big sigh and says, “Well, I think you and I have had a long enough day at work today. You wanna go out and have a few drinks?”

“Oh, I’d love to but I already made plans to have a few with someone.”

“Well, when you return the car tomorrow you think you can go out with me then?”

“I’m really sorry, but I got plans tomorrow too.”

“I’m not surprised. Well, if you should have a change of heart, you got my card.”

“Sure. Thanks, Josh, you’ve been really nice.”

“My pleasure.”

Don’t you just wish every rental-car employee was this friendly?


~ by Binibining Beth on September 9, 2005.

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