If they don’t win it’s a shame

You know what I realized after I had my second beer last night at the stadium? I am way more fun to be with when I’m drunk. And that’s really sad. Why?? What kind of person needs alcohol to have fun? What’s worse is that even when I’m drunk, I tend to get uptight!

Like that time, Nina, Lizza and I were at the Sandbar and I was totally sloshed. This guy I had been…umm…”befriending” had asked us to join him and his friends on his boat. I said, yeah, albeit a little bit reluctantly.

So, we walk down to the pier and see his nice little boat. His friend gets in and shows us coolers stocked with beer! Who stocks up their boat with alcohol?!? Warning bells rang off in my brain and I was instantly sober!

Uh, buddy, I don’t care how good of a kisser you are, you ain’t getting me on that boat!

I probably passed up a really good time for my girlfriends who weren’t as drunk as I was and probably would’ve been able to look after themselves and this poor little lush. Sure, a girl can never be too careful, but Nina and Lizza took tae kwon do, they can take care of a couple of drunken Italian guys.

Anyway, I had a great time last night with Nina, despite the fact my boy Mussina gave up 9 runs in one friggin’ inning! I think it was at that point I started my third beer, top of the 5th. Oiy veh….what a crushing loss. Even when my boy Bernie hit a 3-run homer at the bottom of the 9th, we still couldn’t catch up to the Blue Jays.

Btw, every Yankee player is my boy. They’re mine and mine alone, especially Tino Martinez, capisce?

I was so out of my mind last night I did something I normally despised of girly-girls. I called up Rich, who’s in Boston. I don’t do that, ever! Not for my boyfriend, not for my family, not to anyone, do I ever make a phone call to chit chat while I’m hanging out with somebody else. It’s just rude! The whole purpose of you being out with someone, regardless of who it is, is to spend time with that person. Just cause the wonders of technology have allowed us to be able to get in contact with anyone at anytime, doesn’t mean you should.

But I called up Rich anyway. Since I was sending him text messages about the game, I figure I might as well call him up. And I did another thing I loathe, I made him talk to Nina. Gaaahh! What’re we in high school?!?

But Nina and Rich were good sports about it, they didn’t even take the opportunity to make fun of me, so I guess everything’s good. That is, until after I got off the phone with Rich and started giggling! A grown woman my age should not be giggling! And it wasn’t the 3 beers giggling, it was me. Damn it! The Yankees were losing 9 to zip, and I’m wearing a ridiculously big smile on my face, WTF is wrong with me!?!

Anyway, after the game, since we didn’t want to deal with the rush of people trying to get home, we stopped by Stan’s bar outside the stadium where I went ahead and had another beer. That’s a record 4 beers on a school night, folks, now where’s the next AA meeting?

We made it home a little before 1am. It’s 11am on Thursday and I have, yet again, another hang over. Is it Friday yet??

Oh, and I’m getting a puppy today!!! I can’t decide if I want a miniature schnauzer or a golden retriever. Thanks to the best brother in-law in the world, Mike, I can go pick up my Nintendog after work. Mike bought me my very own Nintendo DS last night! Christmas came early for Beth! Yay!


~ by Binibining Beth on August 25, 2005.

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