Beth’s “Fitness Coach”

Okay, Beth, you ready?

Yes! Yes I am!

Alright! Let’s do this! How much are you gonna give me tonight?


Thata girl! That’s what I want to hear! Now, you sure you’re ready? You don’t look ready!

I’m ready!

Show me your game face.


Alright! Let’s dooo it!


*10 minutes later*

Can’t. Go. On.

No, you can do it! Beth, c’mon! Just take it easy. We got all night. You can do this!

*runs faster*

See? Just don’t stop, keep going! Focus on your breathing.

*another 10 minutes passes*

Need. Air!!

Aahh!! What are you? A sissy? You don’t look like a sissy!! C’mon!!!

Must rest!! Legs feel like jello! Hmm…jello.

Resting’s for fatties! You wanna be a fatty? You want people to call you Bethy McFatty? Huh? Huh!?! Now, c’mon! Run faster!!

You’re mean!! I’m gonna stop!

You get off that machine and I will whoop your fat ass myself! Now RUN!

But I’m sooo tired, my legs hurt and my left knee’s bothering me again.

Listen, Beth. You can do this. I know you can! Just give me 10 more minutes. You’re doing so good! We’ll worry about your knee later. Do it, for me?

Oh, alright! I’ll do it for you.

That’s my girl!

40 minutes, 3.15 miles later, I’ve burned off enough calories for 1.74 servings of strawberry frosted donuts! All thanks to the “fitness coach” in my head. Whoohoo!

Now, where’s my donut?


~ by Binibining Beth on August 9, 2005.

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