The eagle has landed

Hi all. I’m back. Did y’all miss me? Well, considering how a lot of you are tied up with your own lives, moving to a new house, going on vacation or just packing up and leaving without an explanation, I’m guessing no.

Anyway, to the rest of you who are wondering how my vacation in Houston was, I’ll just say I’ve never been so happy to be back in Jersey!

I knew it was going to be hot in Houston, but boy was I not ready for it. Have you ever stood too long in front of an oven when you’re baking something? Well, that’s what it felt like in Houston. Everytime I stepped out of the house, it felt like I was slowly roasting. Now who ordered their Beth well done?

And my expectations were nowhere near the real thing. I had expected people in Houston to be tall, country-bumpkins wearing cowboy hats to work. I thought maybe they’d be a combination of Jack, Jay and Trashman, the thought of which actually scared me more than the monster trucks that everybody drove. Instead, I ran into more Filipinos in Houston than in Jersey or LA, which, if you know me well, was something close to a nightmare.

But the trip did have its moments. I was able to go to the Houston Space Center, see Historic Mission Control, and the Memorial for Fallen Astronauts where they planted a tree for every astronaut who’s died in a mission. They pointed out the seven new trees they planted for the members of space shuttle Columbia, and I have to admit, I got a little teary-eyed about that.

Anyway, we didn’t get to do much other than eat and hang out at Nina’s parents’ new house, which was the reason why we were all there. They had a housewarming party on Saturday, which was also the same day their air conditioning system decided to go temperamental on us. So imagine being in a huge house with 30 or so Filipinos with spare ribs baking in the oven and nothing to cool you down but ceiling fans and Smirnoff Ice with temperatures inside the house reaching as high as 84 degrees. Yeah, I was not a very happy camper.

That and I’m just not used to seeing so many trucks on the road! And what’s with not using your horn? In all the time we spent driving around Houston, I never once heard someone honk their horn, even when it was called for! They only had one radio station that didn’t play country or Spanish music, on the Sam Houston Tollway they had put tolls every 2 miles it seemed, they gave me a Canadian quarter and those huge ass half-dollar coins that no self-respecting vending machine will take for when I didn’t have exact change for the tolls, they put vital pieces of information, like “Rt 59 North, Rt 59 South” on top of the goddamn split on the road and various other signs right at the very exit so people who are not familiar with the area are swerving like crazy just to get to the friggin’ exit! Arggh!

But I didn’t have to go to work, I didn’t have to deal with rush hour traffic, and I got to finish Angels and Demons while there. So all in all, it wasn’t a bad trip at all. But like I said, I’m so happy to be home in Jersey. I never thought I’d be saying that, but, well, Houston just has that effect on me.


~ by Binibining Beth on July 25, 2005.

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