Star Wars Geek

I was at a client’s office today, and they happened to be talking about Revenge of the Sith. Me, having seen it twice already, eagerly joined the conversation. They seemed surprised about what I said of the movie. One went so far as to say, “You don’t look like a Star Wars geek. Although…hhmm….you are an accountant!”

Careful there, buddy, them’s fightin’ words.

Did he mean to imply that accountants are un-cool, that we don’t go out in society, that we’re stiff, number crunching workaholics who don’t know how to have some fun?

And what is so wrong about being a Star Wars geek anyway? People make fun of those who got dressed up just to watch the first showing. But you don’t see anyone making fun of fat, drunken jackasses at football games who paint their faces and wear jerseys of football players they don’t even know, now do you?? By definition, they’re both just fans, but why is one subject to ridicule?


Where was I? Oh yeah, I ended up not replying to his comment as I was interrupted by a phone call. If I wasn’t passive aggressive I’d have busted his balls, that moron.

I went home, had dinner and decided to take my Mom to see the movie since she hasn’t seen it yet. And I was finally able to write my movie review – took me long enough cause everytime I tried to write it, I kept getting too worked up! Heck, I’m still geeking out about it! 😀


~ by Binibining Beth on June 1, 2005.

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