I’m easy like Sunday morning

I’m day dreaming of sleeping in. I had intended on taking the week off after Christmas, but they booked me to audit a client during that week. Sigh.

Anyway after dealing with the slight buzz from the wine, I sat in our living room in the dark admiring our tree. I tried to think of something profound…..I drew a blank. Me mind’s too befuddled. Best I came up with was thinking about buying the extended version dvd of Return of the King and Mary Poppins.

If I drink another sip of red wine, someone please stop me. Now I’m feeling grumpy.

Came home with a headache, only I made it worse by drinking Merlot. It’s sad that me, the family lush, can’t handle red wine. But I love white zinfandel.

I remember the last time I damn near finished half a bottle of Beringer….I fell asleep in a bar! I remember laughing nonstop, managing to walk the block from the bar to Danny’s place and passing out the minute I reached the bedroom. I know it probably sounds bad, but that’s one of my fondest memories of Danny. He took good care of me that night, he held my hair back while I threw up, kept the other bar folk away from me while I napped, kept me from falling all over myself while we walked home, and tucked me in bed. And I didn’t hear a word of complaint from him….in fact, I got mad props from his friends for still looking good considering how smashed I was! Good times. ha!

Hey, you gotta have your good drunken stories to tell, right? Well, there’s more to that story but my blog has a PG rating on it. haha!


~ by Binibining Beth on December 13, 2004.

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