Georgia on my mind

Just an old sweet song, keeps Georgia on my mind.

Oh yeah, it’s all set baby! I am flying to Atlanta on Friday, December 3rd with my good ol’ friends, Norie and Myra and we’re spending the weekend at Sheilah’s place. It’s going to be one hell of a reunion! I haven’t seen Sheilah since the 2000 elections! Hehe, that was fun, being on vacation and watching the Florida fiasco unfold.

And since we can’t stay for an extended weekend, we’re flying back Sunday, Dec. 5th. Just in time to celebrate my birthday with a quiet little dinner get-together at my place. Yay!

While I’m excited about this trip, I’m also nervous about it. I am not a good flier. No drug out there can make me feel good while in an airplane. The plane doesn’t even have to be flying, we could just be sitting at our seat waiting for all the passengers to get in or waiting for take off, and I’d still get woozy. Any flight longer than 4 hours and I’m in danger of losing my meal from the day before. Yeah yeah, I know, I’m such a baby. But I can’t help the way my body was made!!

Sigh. Well, fortunately, the flight to Atlanta isn’t going to take longer than 3 hours. And I’ll be in good company, so I should be fine.

Hmm…time seems to be flying really fast. It’s almost Thanksgiving. Wow, what a trite thing to say. What next? The weather report??

Gee Beth, can’t come up with anything more clever to say today?

What am I? A bloody comedian to you? “Got any jokes? Why don’t you just start spitting them out circus boy!”

Sorry, I realize some of you may not have memorized Brian Regan’s routines as well as I do. And now I’ve gone completely off tangent. Well, time to get back to studying anyway.

Oh, funny note about my yoga class today. In the middle of trying to put my body in the most painful stretched position, the instructor goes, “Yes, feel the energy flow through your body. Relax your shoulders and your face. Relax your face and let the stress from the day just go away.”

How the hell am I supposed to relax my face when I’ve got my leg above my head and my hamstrings are screaming for mercy! YOU relax you nitwit!

So much for relaxing.

Stay tuned for another riveting post about Beth’s exciting life, or lack thereof.


~ by Binibining Beth on November 15, 2004.

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