It’s common courtesy, you jerk!!


When you’re walking up to a door and someone’s walking out of it, isn’t it common courtesy to hold that door open? You’d think so, right? But apparently, kids nowadays don’t know about that! I damn near had my hand smashed in by the door when this teenie bopper just walked out and let the door close in behind her, knowing full well I was going to walk in!

When you’re stuck in a traffic jam or just in a busy intersection, isn’t it common courtesy to thank the person who let you in? Show your appreciation you jerk, I could’ve given you a hard time and let you stand there and wait for the car behind me to let you in!

Another time I got the half-ass “thank you wave.” I had let this guy in front of me make a left so that he wouldn’t be blocking traffic from the opposite direction. Normally, common courtesy dictates that you give a full blown wave of your free hand, and sometimes even an appreciative nod of the head. But this yuppie, raised his index finger at me as if to say, “I’m too damn lazy to lift my whole hand and wave, but yo thanks!” I should’ve given him MY one-fingered “you’re welcome, you lazy bastard!” wave.

I say thank you way too many times. It’s like Brian Regan’s “You too!” comments – they’re meant well, but they’re just said at the wrong times. I signed the credit card receipt for a few things I bought at Gap and I handed back the pen and waited to get my bag from the girl. Instead of, “Thank you for shopping at Gap, have a nice day!” I got an abrupt, “Here.”

Flabbergasted, I blurted out “Thank you!” like an idiot. I suppose I should’ve been offended, but she is after all working in retail, so I just let it go.

And don’t even get me started on cell phone etiquette!! Everybody knows to turn off your god-damn cell phone when you’re watching a movie, right? RIGHT?!? They should make it a law to allow other people to throw popcorn at you for when you’re being an asshole with a cell phone. I was watching “Motorcycle Diaries” when this jackass picked up her phone and started having a conversation right in the middle of the movie!!

Now, the movie is in Spanish and we were just reading subtitles….so it wasn’t like her conversation was cutting in on what was being said in the movie. So I just let it go. But the freakin’ jackass got two calls!!! Arrggh!!! To this day I am regretting not throwing something at her. But if I ever run into her again, I certainly will!

I watched “The Incredibles” this weekend. I went to the bathroom before the movie started and on my way there, this girl brushed past me and went into the next available stall! The nerve! Good thing there was plenty of open stalls cause otherwise….. nah, well, I probably would’ve let it go also, but I would’ve been plenty steamed about it! (You guys noticing a trend? Talk about passive aggressive).

On a more personal level, isn’t it common courtesy to reply to emails or return phone calls, especially from your friends? It’s just rude to let me wonder what the hell is going on with you. Yeah, you know who you are!

Okay, okay, no more ranting. I’m gonna go and watch my new favorite reality tv show – Vh1’s “Motormouth.” Damn, that show’s got me self-conscious in my own car. But it’s a pretty funny show, because you KNOW that in the privacy of your own car, you can do all sorts of crazy stuff – least humiliating of all is singing “I Will Survive” at the top of your lungs. Am I right? 😉


~ by Binibining Beth on November 7, 2004.

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