Raindrops keep fallin’ on my head

I finally got to write my movie reviews for I Heart Huckabees and Motorcycle Diaries. I doubt any of you have seen it but if you’re bored, might as well read what I had to say about it.

Boy what a pompous thing to say. Eh, chalk it up to me being tired. This weather is bumming me out. It’s freakin’ cold! What happened to fall?! I was supposed to go out and watch “Ray” tonight but a friend of mine bailed on me. I wasn’t really surprised that he did, though I think for the first time I’m kinda glad he did. It normally annoys me when plans get changed at the last minute, especially when it leaves me with nothing else to do. But seeing how I’m used to him bailing on me, I’m not at all upset….that and I may not have been in the best mood to watch that movie anyway.

Been feeling a bit restless…..I miss being out of town. Nearly half the workforce in our office is out of town this weekend and my sister’s going to DC (using my car, no less). A couple of years ago, I used to take the train down to Batimore nearly every other weekend for 6 months….I miss those train rides. I loved the excitement and anticipation while I stood on the platform waiting for the Metroliner to pull up and bring me to Baltimore. I enjoyed every moment of the 2 hour ride, most times I brought a book with me (I got caught up with the Harry Potter series at the time), and other times, I just sat there staring out the window and watching the scenery change, counting down the stops till it’s finally time for me to get off. What sucked about those trips to Baltimore was the ride back….somehow Jersey always seemed to look even more depressing everytime I came home.

And just a year ago, I was taking road trips nearly every month! I went to Maine, DC, Virginia, Pennsylvania and upstate New York in the span of 6 months!

And what have I done this year? I’ve gone to Boston. Whoop de doo. Well, Boston was great, don’t get me wrong. But that was it! I haven’t gone anywhere else!

Hhmm…..my birthday’s a month away and I still have a week’s worth of comp time to use up. I think it’s time I went away….far away. Who wants to come with?

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~ by Binibining Beth on November 4, 2004.

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