Ben & Jerry

I don’t think anyone can ever understand just how much these two little fellows mean to me. I bought them at a pet store over a year and a half ago as a birthday present for my sister. A few days after I brought them home, I was laid off. And I was, what I felt back then, at one of the lowest points in my life. Little did I know that losing my job was actually a blessing in disguise.

Anyway, during that time, I was as close as I could ever get to being really depressed. But one thing made me feel good, and that was just watching these two. It was very soothing. It made me wonder what a wonderful life I’d have if I was a fish with nary a care in the world – I’d never have to worry about money, finding a job, and losing everything I’ve worked so hard for. And looking back on those sad days, I realize that in some small way these two helped me through a really tough time.

I don’t know what I’d do if I should lose one or both of them. Well, I’d probably get them replaced….but there’d be a moment or two where I’d be totally inconsolable. I still find myself just staring at them at times (like tonight), it’s really not a bad way to relieve stress. Suggest you try it someday.

Anyway, I have been going nuts with my camera. I suspect I’ll be posting some more pictures of random items in the near future. And by near future, I mean, in like 5 minutes.

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~ by Binibining Beth on October 28, 2004.

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