My date

I was very nervous about my date, it’s been a very long while since I looked forward to dating someone. I got all dolled up, made sure I was relaxed and feeling good so that only my best qualities showed that night.

He arrived at my place on time, and I came running out. When I got near his car, he got out and opened the door for me. And he said, “Hi, Beth. Wow – you look beautiful.”

I blushed, thanked him and got in his car. Right away I knew we were going to get along just fine because he was listening to Dave Matthews, and the song playing was my favorite – Satellite. Aww…a man after my own heart. Two minutes into the date and I’m already turning to mush. “Okay, deep breaths. It’s only a song, he’s only a guy, and – my gosh does he smell good!”

He drove to Edgewater and all the while we talked non stop and had lots of laughs. I was finding myself drawn to him with each passing minute. He was telling me how he wanted to bring me somewhere special for dinner, a restaurant that not a whole lot of people knew about. The minute he parked the car, I started to laugh at him. He brought me to Matsushima, this lovely little Japanese restaurant in Edgewater. I’ve eaten there many many times before with my family and friends.

He felt sheepish and offered to take me somewhere else, but I told him that Matsushima will do just nicely. We were seated on the second floor right next to the huge windows overlooking mid-town Manhattan. I couldn’t have planned a more romantic dinner setting than that. They even had a soft jazz band playing on the first floor of the restaurant.

As dinner drew on, we got to know each other as well as any two people who were complete strangers a few days ago could. I was fairly amazed at how comfortable I felt with him, and he seemed just as comfortable with me. We ended up staying at the restaurant for nearly 3 hours – we had been so lost in our conversations, that we had created our own little world and nothing outside it mattered. In that small space around us, our world consisted of nothing but the vibes that we were sending each other all night long.

Eventually, though, we realized that we didn’t want to be kicked out of the restaurant, so we decided to leave. When we walked out, I decided to wander off to the piers. I love being by the water (even if it’s only the Hudson River), and on such a lovely night, I couldn’t resist. Besides, I wanted to see how he’d respond – if he walked next to me then I knew he was a touch romantic as well – if he didn’t and asked me to get back in the car, then all hope is lost.

But he followed me. As we were walking along, he reached out for my hand and drew it to his lips for a quick kiss. A bit flustered from having my heart skip a beat, I drew his attention to the music that was playing nearby. As we strained to listen, I realized that they were playing Ella Fitzgerald’s “At Last.”

He said, “My sentiments exactly. Beth, may I have this dance?” He took me in his arms and started to sing softly to me.

At last my love has come along
My lonely days are over
And life is like a song…..
I found a dream that I can speak to
A dream that I could call my own
You smiled, and then the spell was cast
And here we are in heaven
Cause you are mine at last

As the last notes of the song faded, he held me closer and whispered to me, “Beth, it’s time to wake up.”

Alas, it was all a dream. But it’s something to hope for.

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~ by Binibining Beth on September 21, 2004.

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